KARL KAPS GmbH & Co. KG. was founded on April 1, 1946 by Karl Kaps.
At first the company produced parts for cinema projectors, then school and laboratory microscopes, later sights were added to production. Thanks to close ties with the photographic industry, laboratory equipment for developing films and photographs has been produced since 1960. In response to the downturn in this industry, Karl Kaps focused on microsurgery in the seventies and introduced the first prototype of a surgical microscope in 1979.

Today KARL KAPS GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced surgical and diagnostic microscopes. High-tech products of the company are used all over the world in such areas as: ENT, ophthalmology, microsurgery, endodontics and gynecology.
KARL KAPS GmbH & Co. KG is operated by the Caps family in the third generation and has always paid particular attention to the creation of high quality optics with renowned German quality.
KARL KAPS's innovative products have always been developed and manufactured in the company's production facilities located in Asslar and Wetzlar, Germany.

KARL KAPS GmbH & Co. KG works closely with physicians, international universities and opinion leaders around the world, thus being able to identify the requirements of the latest methods and standards in medical technology and develop customized solutions. The company offers a range of products that help physicians improve the quality of life of their patients.

KARL KAPS always strives to achieve the best results with high-tech microscopes and superior support.

KARL KAPS products are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 quality certificates.