Èclairé SRL originated as a division of ATENA LUX®, which has been a leader in medical and architectural lighting for many years.
Èclairé was founded in response to the need to offer complete and customized solutions for healthcare facilities and laboratories. The company specializes in the production and research of lamps and equipment for medical institutions, including dental clinics, where precision and good lighting are essential.
Following the success of the first MAGIC suspended ceiling lamp made specifically for dental offices, the company has developed a complete line of dental clinic lighting utilizing the most sought-after technological innovations to meet increasingly specialized medical device needs.
Èclairé has deepened its knowledge in this sector through cooperation with reliable partners who offer safe and certified products, while at the same time maintaining their original lighting shade and modern design.
Èclairé offers a range of products for the dental and medical sectors, constantly evolving and keeping pace with the needs of the market!