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Cavex has a wide range of products for specialists in the field of dentistry, such as a perfect alginate system, depending on everyone's preferences.

Cavex Alginates - the best after tests

Tensile strength of rival alginate brands compared to Cavex alginate
Cavex offers you the Cavex Alginate Mixer II set


Contain  :

  • 1x Cavex Alginate Mixer II
  • 10x 500 g :
    a) Cavex Cream NS
    b) Cavex CA37 NS
    c) Cavex ColorChange
  • 4 Mixing Bowls
  • 1x Water Dosing Bottle
  • Accessories
  • IFU

In addition to supporting global dental professionals, Cavex provides consumers with efficient and safe home whitening solutions.

 In-office                                     -                               At-home





Cavex works with dentists, universities and opinion leaders to develop new products as well as to refine existing products. In this way, Cavex remains a leader in the dental industry and continues to be able to support professionals around the world in their day-to-day work.

Cavex offers laboratory convenience, practicality and speed.