Damon Q brackets


The Damon Q bracket system is a giant step in low-friction technology and self-ligating passive systems. Damon Q provides fast and controlled tooth movement and unprecedented clinical results!


Damon Q brackets

Damon Q brackets act as a versatile tool for an orthodontist and a reliable partner in solving a variety of bite problems, from mild anomalies to complex occlusal anomalies.

Damon Q is a modern metal version of the latest generation of Damon braces. It utilizes passive self-ligating technology, which provides minimal friction compared to other braces and uses natural, gentle forces to move the teeth. This allows you to avoid tooth extraction in many cases and achieve better aesthetic results. The benefits of self-ligation improve tooth movement and shorten treatment time, allowing for longer intervals between visits of up to 8-10 weeks, significantly reducing the frequency of orthodontic visits. The round shape, compact size of the braces and the innovative SpinTek lid opening and closing mechanism provide unrivaled comfort during treatment. The technologically advanced 17-4 stainless steel construction ensures outstanding strength and reliability of the braces.

Advantages of the Damon Q system include:

Simplify and speed up the leveling process.
With the Damon Q bracket system, there is less need to pre-create space for misaligned teeth, which simplifies leveling and reduces the need for tooth extraction compared to other models.

Reducing the number of visits to the orthodontist.
Intervals between orthodontic visits can increase to 8-10 weeks during the leveling phase, making treatment more convenient for both doctors and patients.

Physical expansion in the initial stages.
The use of weak forces in soft-arc dilation provides individualized and physiologic dilation for each patient.

Maintaining optimal dentition width.
The process of fitting rigid arches after creating the correct shape of the dentition during the leveling and alignment stage helps to maintain the optimal width of the dentition until the treatment is complete.

Reducing the duration of treatment.
Low friction during the main working phase allows for faster tooth movement.


Design features of the Damon Q bracket system:

Miniature design with rounded corners for patient comfort and reduced risk of bite interference.

The innovative method of opening the lid, known as SpinTek™, is an outstanding design feature that makes this appliance unique from other models. The reliability of this mechanism allows the orthodontist to forget about the problems associated with lid loosening and breakage.

Unlike some self-ligating systems where the lid becomes unreliable and stops working properly over time, the Damon Q bracket opens easily and without the need for significant effort. This process is quick and comfortable for both the orthodontist and the patient, and it reduces:

  • discomfort during arch replacement;
  • risk of damage to periodontal tissues from excessive forces;
  • time taken to see the patient – even in the presence of plaque, the bracket is easy to open, which simplifies the procedure.

The orthodontist has the ability to secure the locking lid in the open position, preventing accidental closing and wobbling that could interfere with the doctor’s work.

The Damon Q bracket is securely fastened to the tooth due to the special shape and texture of the cushion on its base, which allows the medical adhesive to penetrate and bond. This cushioning process is a patented Ormco technology.
Correct groove dimensions and excellent arch slide ensure clear and predictable tooth movements and efficient execution of the instructions given in the bracket.

Durable locks made from an alloy of nickel and titanium with the addition of copper (Copper Ni-Ti) have increased wear resistance.

Predicted reduced mobility of the Damon Q bracket. This problem, which is common to many bracket models, is due to the inability to use full groove arches due to their high rigidity. However, the exact dimensions of the groove in the Damon Q bracket make this mobility predictable and constant for all brackets of this model. For example, for a 19 x 25 arc, the mobility is 10.5 degrees. The doctor takes this parameter into account and includes it in the calculations when developing the treatment plan and throughout the entire process.

Option to choose the level of mobility of Damon Q braces. The advantages of the available options such as standard, high and low mobility.


The doctor does preliminary work to prevent unwanted side effects.

Postponing resolution of the problem to a later stage, such as with torque bends, will increase treatment duration, create technical difficulties in introducing additional bends, and potentially cause problems with keeping the arch in place.


Additional vertical and horizontal slots are used for various purposes. For example, the vertical slots can be used to install hooks. The hooks designed for the Damon Q bracket system are easy to install and are robust and strong enough to withstand significant loads. These hooks also contribute to a more comfortable adaptation of the patient to orthodontic treatment, as in the initial stages there are no elements that could cause discomfort or irritation to the mucous membranes of the lips and cheeks. Damon systems allow the orthodontist to work with soldered hooks that cannot be removed.

Interchangeable positioning guides improve orthodontic comfort and speed up the Damon Q bracket fitting process. Correct positioning is achieved thanks to the diamond shape and the engraved vertical line on the base. Each torque level corresponds to a specific color: low – green, standard – blue, high – red.

Ormco continually invests in technology development, equipment upgrades and research to create reliable systems. All Damon Q braces and other manufacturers’ products have the same proportions and dimensions. If you look at the groove under a microscope, you can see a smooth polished surface.

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